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  • To ensure safety, all shotguns, even when empty, must be handled with maximum care at all times. Always keep the shotgun pointed in a safe direction.
  • All guns brought to the Range may be inspected by a Range officer or other authorized person. Any gun that is in the opinion of such an official is unsafe, will not be permitted to be used on the Range.
  • Never assume a gun is unloaded. Always check the chambers and magazines of a gun for live cartridges when picking up a gun.
  • Always carry conventional shotguns with the breach visibly OPEN, UNLOADED, and with the muzzles pointing in a safe direction.
  • Semi automatic and pump action guns must be carried empty with the breech bolt visibly open (preferably with a safety flag inserted) and the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, up towards the sky or down towards the ground only.
  • The use of "release" triggers is prohibited.
  • Shotguns not in use must be place in a gun stand/ rack, locked gun case, armory or other secure place.
  • All shotguns must be kept unloaded except on the shooting station.
  • A Safety Area will be assigned to allow maintenance, dry firing etc.
  • All shooters, Range officials, equipment maintenance staff and spectators are urged to wear eye and ear protective aids.
  • Only factory loads (ammunition) will be permitted to be used. The maximum shot size permitted is No. 6 (UK).
  • Those using shotguns with inter-changeable chokes must ensure that the chokes are tightly screwed in.
  • Check that the barrels are clear before loading.
  • Cartridges must not be placed in any part of the gun until the shooter is standing on the shooting station, facing the traps, with the gun pointed towards the target flight area, and after the referee has given permission to start.
  • The handling of closed guns are prohibited when operating personnel are forward of the firing line.
  • The shooter must not turn before the gun is empty and open. When shooting is interrupted, the gun must be opened and be made empty.
  • After completion of a shooting detail, the shooter must ascertain and the referee must verify before leaving the shooting station, that there are no cartridges and empty shells in the in the chamber and/or magazine. Special attention must be paid in the case of auto-loader and pump action guns. (Point the gun in a safe direction and work the action).
  • If a gun does not fire, the breech must not be opened for at least 30 seconds. Until it is opened, the gun must be pointed in a safe direction.
  • A gun that malfunctions twice will be subjected to an inspection by a Range officer.
  • Never walk in front of the low house window. Targets may be released unexpectedly from the low house and may hit you if you are in front of the window.
  • Aiming exercises are permitted on the nominated shooting stations or in the designated areas, but only with permission of the referee/Range
  • Any person who is in the opinion of the Range officer, deemed to be under the influence of liquor or drugs shall be required to leave the Range.

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