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All Members and Visitors MUST report to the office upon arrival and sign in.

All Members and Visitors MUST act responsibly. Unsafe conduct or damage to Club / personal property WILL NOT be tolerated. All persons are responsible for their own safety. Any breach of safety rules or other untoward incident that may occur should be reported to the Club officials so that appropriate action can be taken.

Anyone under the influence of alcohol, prohibited drugs or medication that impedes judgment will NOT be allowed to handle a firearm. Such instances, if any, MUST immediately be reported to the Office.

Only smooth-bore shotguns are permitted to be used on the Range.

Only factory loads (ammunition) will be permitted to be used. The maximum shot size permitted is No. 6 (UK).

Ear and eye protection is strongly recommended.

Novices and inexperienced persons must request assistance/guidance from the Range officer on duty and shall use the Range under close supervision by a certified coach or experienced Club Member or other person approved by the Committee of the Club. Visitors and those who do not possess the appropriate Certificates (described above), the range officer / Club rep may use his discretion after making an assessment of each person’s level of competence.

Instruction / coaching MUST only be to ONE PERSON at a time and only SINGLE loading of the firearm is permitted. I.e. Only one person may handle a firearm at any one time and may load one cartridge only. The person receiving instruction must not be left to shoot on his own. Firing live ammunition during coaching is not permitted when the Range is being used by others.

Members and visitors who use their own firearms MUST carry gun Licences at all times. The Gun Licence, Club Membership Card and Competitor / Safety course certificate MUST be presented to the Club Staff upon request.

Firearms are not to be left unattended anywhere on the Club premises. Firearms MUST be secured/locked away when not in use and your vehicles MUST be locked to further secure your firearms and ammunition when not being used.

The Committee WILL TAKE ACTION against a member or visitor for any unauthorised activities, failure to adhere to safety rules.

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